Californians are leaving their coastal state to find homes that cost less, in places with less crime, and often times, less people. 


There’s so many stories around the internet lately offering advice for those moving, and that’d be because there’s been over 700,000 people leaving the state since 2020, 407,000 of those movers just between July of 2021 and July of 2022

Websites have popped up dedicated to making sure Californians know the difference in culture and overall atmosphere to let people know what they’re in for, so it’s not a complete a complete shock for them when they get to where they’re going. 

Charlotte, North Carolina is on the opposite side of the country, but it’s the biggest city North Carolina has, which means more job opportunity and home. 

Do you have any neighbors who moved from California to North Carolina? What’d they have to say about it? It probably looks just like the things below. 

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