Truck stops have a wide array of weird stuff to buy. It's a one-stop shop if you ever need a pink cowboy hat, a C.B. radio, one condom, and a shower.

Flying J took a look at the most common things we buy at truck stops around the country. Then they looked at the top 20 for each state, and picked the one that's most unique to that area. And Iowa's number one is Busch Light! I'm so proud. Here's what a typical Iowa gas station looks like:

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Iowan's shouldn't feel bad about stopping to grab a Dirty Thirty, three other states have beer as their number one as well: Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Although I think Wisconsin's numbers are skewed from people hopping the border to buy a case of Spotted Cow.

Coffee is #1 in five states and it's in the top 5 in every single state. People in Louisiana like Red Bull more than anyone else, while people in Pennsylvania drink a disproportionate amount of Monster energy drinks.

New York loves hot dogs more than any other state and Missouri loves corn dogs the most. Florida is a little more health conscious with buying bananas.

The lamest thing the survey found was that a cup of ice is number one in Mississippi. Although it does get hot down there, so I get it.

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