Iowa may be the number 1 Busch Light drinking state in America.  Will anything change that?  Probably not.  However, we're all about to get a new fruit-flavored beer that is creating a buzz among beer enthusiasts.

Whether we want them to or not, looks like Anheuser Busch is testing the waters with a new flavor.

Just be glad they're not going to get rid of the regular Busch Light.

Busch Light-jagatelife via Untappd
Busch Light-jagatelife via Untappd

Some Busch Light History:

  • 1955: Busch Bavarian, the first beer made by Anheuser-Busch following prohibition
  • 1989: Busch's first light beer arrived
  • 2022: The John Deere collab, raising money for American Farmers

Why is Busch Light So Popular in the Midwest

Busch Light has been a go-to beer for many years, and its popularity has only increased with time. The brand has created a loyal following with its no-frills, easy-drinking beer.

The camo cans and the John Deere "For the Farmers" cans have further cemented Busch Light's status as the every-man's beer.

Adam Buchanan on Untappd
Adam Buchanan on Untappd

Busch Light Peach

According to Maple City Ice Cream Company's Facebook page, Busch Light Peach is coming, and rumor has it that it tastes amazing.

While there is no official confirmation from Anheuser Busch, the idea of Busch Light Peach is causing a buzz.  A little peach buzz.

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