Busch Light brewers know Iowans’ love of their brew.

That's why Iowa is among seven states that will be loving latte season with a little something extra this year. For a limited time, Iowans will be able to buy 30-packs of the beer with special packaging identifying it as “Busch Latte.”

Don’t be concerned; the beer inside is the same as always and best enjoyed cold. I wouldn't try to adding any milk foam or cinnamon sprinkles to this brew either.

According to a post on the Busch Facebook page, the other states where you can buy the special “Busch Latte” packaging are North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Minnesota.

Check out the comments; Busch responses are clever and plenty of people in Illinois, Wisconsin and other states aren't pleased they can't get the Latte in their state.

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