Hooters is seeing the er of their ways now that they are being sued for not having blind friendly gift cards. Not necessarily surprising that for a restaurant based on things to look at, those who see with their hands aren't a priority.

Marcos Calcano is says that adding braille to gift cards will allow the blind to tap into an already $400 billion gift card market. According to him the only store he's aware of that sells braille gift cards is hooters.

In addition to suing Hooters, Calcano is also suing Domino's on the behalf of himself and the blind.

He says he plans to purchase at least one gift card as soon as the stores become more blind friendly.

Marcos filed the lawsuit seeking unspecified damages and wants the court to order Hooters and Domino's.

Just for the hell of it, here's some Hooters girls. Don't tell Marcos though. He's blind, not deaf.

Hooters Girls

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