There's an 18-year-old kid outside Des Moines, Iowa named Clay Walker who's legally blind and has cerebral palsy. He was born four months premature, so it was kind of a miracle he even survived.

Anyway, he loves basketball so much that he decided to sign up for his high school basketball team. He's almost totally blind, which makes it hard for him to really play. So even though he's an official member of the team, it's more like an honorary thing.

But that changed last Friday when his coach put him into a GAME for the first time.

He always wears his uniform and sits on the bench, and his coach wanted to get him in, because it was Senior Night, and here's the cool part:  He only got to take one shot . . . his only shot of the season . . . and he DRAINED it from about 15 feet.

Obviously everyone went nuts. Even the players on the other team were clapping for him. Clay's team was way behind, so the points were irrelevant, but winning and losing didn't really matter.

One of his teammates said the only part of the night that TRULY mattered was Clay hitting that shot.

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