Nothing like a proclamation from the mayor to make us really feel the love. In celebration of our 40th year on the air, the mayor of Bettendorf just declared that tomorrow, September 1st, is 97X Day!

We spoke with Mayor Bob Gallagher this morning and he sent us the proclamation from his office. Here's what he had to say:

97X, WXLP is celebrating 40 years on the air in the Quad Cities; and

in the past century, radio stations have changed the way we think about the world. 97X is an important part of this tradition, giving citizens immediate access to the events that shape our times and opening new doors to understanding; and

communicating the vital impact of some of the most dramatic events in our nation's history, community issues, as well as providing an immediate form for entertainment, your radio station is a reflection of the vibrant heritage of the Quad Cities; and

97X’s longevity is a tribute to the staff and listeners who have supported the station since 1978.

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