Bentley just unveiled their newest car, and it's going to cost you a pretty penny if you think you're going to get one.

The $2 million open-top car has interior trim from trees that fell about 5,000 years ago.

The Bentley Bacalar was set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show, but the event was cancelled due to "concerns about the Coronavirus," so the unveiling was done online. A Barchetta (meaning "little boat" in Italian), the car has no roof.

The car is all wheel drive, powered by a 650 horsepower 12-cylinder engine, and boasts an eight-speed transmission.

The interior wood trim is made from wood of trees that were naturally preserved for more than 5,000 years at the bottom of rivers, lakes, and peat bogs of East Anglia in the United Kingdom. Aging so long in wet soil gives the wood a natural black color.

Only 12 of the cars will be made, and all 12 were immediately spoken for, and the new owners will get to select exterior and interior. Custom made luggage from Schedoni is included, which fits perfectly in an empty space behind the seats.

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