The owners of the Canfora Bakery in Milwaukee are being praised for their great idea that ended up helping identify the man who robbed their business.

The Canfora Bakery, also known as Lakeside Bakery, was burglarized on April 19th by a man who stole cash and some of their equipment. Karen and Eric Krieg didn't have a lot to go on, but they did have a shot of the guy's face caught on surveillance camera footage.

“So, we made delicious sugar cookies with his image on them!” the bakery announced in a Facebook post.

They had the idea to put the picture on the cookies to "see if the community could identify" the suspect.

Well, their idea worked.

“He has been identified!” the bakery later wrote in an update posted to Facebook. “Thank you to everyone who responded.”

The bakery's fans were very happy and impressed with the ingenuity.

“I’ve heard of wanted pictures put on pizza boxes, but I’ve never heard of a perp’s picture being put on baked goods,” wrote one Facebook user in response to the idea. “Very creative in that aspect… I bet the cops had a good laugh at the picture and would cheerfully share pictures of other perps they want particularly bad.”

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