After a year of no shows because of COVID-19 restrictions, the Quad Cities favorite water ski show returns!

The theme of the 2021 season is "Boomtown," and judging by this photo of Michaels, it's safe to say there's cowboys involved.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Their first show was last night, but if you missed, they have another one tonight (May 31st) at 6:30pm, at their show site at Ben Williamson Park in Rock Island.

The show is free to attend, but donations are very much appreciated.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Can you spot Michaels? He's in the base, and pretty proud of his daughters, who perform in the show with him.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

If you can't make it out tonight, check out their upcoming schedule:

Monday, May 316:30PMSki Show
Wednesday, June 26:30PMSki Show
Sunday, June 66:30PMSki Show
Wednesday, June 96:30PMSki Show
Sunday, June 136:30PMSki Show
Wednesday, June 166:30PMSki Show
Sunday, June 206:30PMSki Show
Wednesday, June 236:30PMSki Show
Sunday, June 276:30PMSki Show
Wednesday, June 306:30PMSki Show
Sunday, July 46:30PMSki Show
Wednesday, July 76:30PMSki Show
Saturday, July 108:00AMCentral Region Tournament in Loves Park, IL
Sunday, July 118:00AMCentral Region Tournament in Loves Park, IL
Wednesday, July 146:30PMSki Show
Sunday, July 186:30PMSki Show
Wednesday, July 216:30PMSki Show
Sunday, July 256:30PMSki Show
Wednesday, July 286:30PMSki Show
Sunday, August 16:30PMSki Show
Wednesday, August 46:30PMSki Show
Sunday, August 86:30PMSki Show
Wednesday, August 116:30PMSki Show
Friday, August 1310:00AMNational Tournament in Janesville, WI
Saturday, August 148:00AMNational Tournament in Janesville, WI
Sunday, August 158:00AMNational Tournament in Janesville, WI
Wednesday, August 186:30PMSki Show
Sunday, August 226:30PMSki Show
Wednesday, August 256:30PMSki Show
Sunday, August 296:30PMSki Show
Wednesday, September 16:30PMSki Show
Sunday, September 56:30PMSki Show
Monday, September 66:30PMSki Show
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