Usually our friends over at Zippa create fun rankings of states. They have had the best states to live in, the most fun states, and many others, but they held nothing back with this one. They ranked states based on how attractive they are. Iowa and Illinois are just solid average looking states apparently.

Looks are important to many. About 64% of Americans said the first thing they notice about someone is how attractive they are. While we aren't in the top 10 for looks both Iowa and Illinois are also avoiding the bottom 10.

The top 5 most attractive states were:

1. New Jersey
2. Hawaii
3. California
4. Massachusetts
5. New York

Well hey good for them, must be nice to rank so high on the list...

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The Ugliest States were:

46. South Carolina
47. Arkansas
48. Alabama
49. Missouri
50. Mississippi

Iowa ranked number 38, while Illinois ranked 21. As an Iowan those results hurt a bit, but congratulations to Illinois for being more attractive than us. Still we both ranked pretty low on the list meaning our states are average.

Now these results may seem superficial, but there is apparently some science behind it. Zippa stated how they got their info,

We ranked each state in 5 categories:

  • Interest in hair, clothes, and other grooming
  • Obesity rates
  • Percent of residents who are physically active
  • Average Income
  • STD rates

They also shared some other results from their study.


That just begs the question of which states are the most attractive. Well, we’ve got the answer. We found the states where people are the least obese, have high activity levels and don’t have STDs.

How high did your state rank?

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