When I first came to town in 1996, I was warned by my school counselor to alert my teachers if I lived on the other side of the bridge because I-74 was "always backed up".  Thank goodness I was on the Iowa side for my schooling because I consistently saw Illinois students show up late due to traffic on the bridge slowing to a halt due to some accident or general bridge maintenance which seemed to happen every other week since its opening in 1935.

Iowa Department of Transportation
Iowa Department of Transportation

A New Hope

But the new I-74 bridge brought new hope to getting to work on time. The new I-74 bridge brought new hope to not miss baseball games after work. The new I-74 bridge brought a modern look, sure, but with it a whole new outlook on how a morning commute should look.

With a newly expanded roadway, the new I-74 bridge was bringing us smooth sailing, free from any traffic tie-ups or wrecks. We'd be able to jump from Illinois to Iowa so quickly it would make Hernando De Soto's head spin.

I-74 Bridge Construction
I-74 Bridge Construction/EarthCam/Facebook photo

That Being Said...

According to i74riverbridge.com, there will be overnight lane closures tonight, May 17, 2022.

On Tuesday, May 17, weather permitting, there will be overnight lane closures on westbound I-74 between Exit 4 (Grant St/US 67) and Exit 3 (Middle Rd).


Contractors will be re-striping the road into a new lane configuration.


Motorists should watch for changing traffic patterns and new lane configurations.

Iowa DOT
Iowa DOT

Perspective is key.

So, if you can remember what the old bridge was like, you'll be perfectly happy to slow down for the painters.  I'm thankful they can work overnight and not bug us grumpy commuters during the morning.

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