Amazon is known for their same day and next day delivery, and it's obvious every second counts when they promise a package from California to be in New York by 2pm tomorrow.

A traffic jam throws a wrench in our plans, and if your load has to be somewhere to make a flight, you're going to make that time. That's why one Amazon driver likely did what he did when he went off-roading during a traffic jam.

"When Jeff personally guarantees next day delivery," @camihardman wrote on the video she caught of an Amazon semi cutting through the grass next to the highway to reach a shorter road.

Many commenters had something to say about the car following the truck, imagining a husband telling his wife, "If Amazon can do it, we can do it too."

Others laughed about the ordeal, saying things like "This is why I pay $7.99 for Prime."

Either way, this delivery certainly got to where it needed to be in a reasonable amount of time.

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