The Alternating Currents festival is this weekend in Davenport and Rock Island, and there will be arts, music, comedy and more throughout all of downtown from August 17th through August 20th.

Friday evening brings shows from local and regional bands as well as a film festival.


At the Figge Art Museum, starting at 5pm, a series of short films made by local students will be shown in the 'Block A' portion of the festival.


The films shown will vary in runtime from less than five minutes up to around the 20 minute mark.

  • 5:00 PM - "Diorama" (20:00)
  • 5:20 PM - "Folsom" (21:05)
  • 5:54 PM - "As Good As Any" (13:31)
  • 6:08 PM - "Tomorrow" (4:15)
  • 6:12 PM - "The Corvair Adventure" (18:09)
  • 6:31 PM - "To Him" (10:46)
  • 6:42 PM - "Flex Appeal" (11:33)
  • 6:53 PM - "Touch of Heaven" (8:41)
  • 7:02 PM - "The Lovely Mr. Mars" (15:59)

Other shows include multiple bands playing at downtown parks and businesses starting at 5pm.

An art show with music form CJ Parker begins at 5pm at Kaiserslautern Square.

Multiple comedy shows will take place -

  • The Sliced Bread Comedy Show at Tiphanie's (6pm)
  • The Rising Waters Comedy Show at Bootleg Hill Honey Meads (7:30pm
  • The Truck Eating Bridge Comedy Show at Zeke's Island Cafe (8pm)
  • The Crack Your Back Comedy Show at Tiphanie's (10pm)
  • The Little Detroit Comedy Show at Zeke's Island Cafe (10:30pm)
  • The Loose Meat Comedy Show at Bootleg Hill Honey Meads (10:30pm)


Saturday kicks off with the Alternating Currents Mural Fest at Motor Row & Bucktown Historic District (8am), Floatzilla 2023 (8am), and the Made Indie Market (10am). From there, nearly every downtown business will have music and comedy.

Music will be taking place with the first show Eric Pedigo at Made Indie Market (12pm), and the last being King of the Tramps at Mac's Tavern, starting at midnight.

A few panels called the "Idea Factory" will take place throughout the weekend as well.

  • Idea Factory: Why We Cycle - QC's Kick-Ass Cycling Community at Daq Faq (Saturday, 1pm)
  • Idea Factory: Cocktails in the QC at Devon's Complaint Dept. (Saturday, 4pm)
  • Idea Factory: Comedy Panel at Tiphanie's (7pm)


Sunday will feature the Beaux Arts Festival at the Figge, which kicks off at 10am.

Raccoon Motel will be hosting a Bends & Brews Yoga Class at 12pm.

Then, a display and lesson on the History of German Dolls at German American Heritage Center starts at 2pm.

At 3pm, the Rumble in Rocktown kicks off at Wake Brewing in Rock Island, an SCW special wrestling event.

For a full event schedule and to plan your weekend, visit Alternating Currents' website.

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