How scary would it be to take a part of your Halloween costume and make it permanent? One woman in Alabama almost found out when she couldn't remove her fangs.

The "devil's teeth" that she put in her mouth for her new zombie costume only cost $3, but became much more expensive. Anna Tew used the adhesive that came with the fake teeth and found out the glue wasn't temporary. She worked for hours to take the teeth out.

"It went on and on and I was trying to get them out, and after it was over with, I tried until it was like 2 o'clock this morning. They wouldn't budge," Tew told WKRG. "I even took a pair of wire clippers and cut the tips off of those."

Anna wasn't sure if going to the emergency room was appropriate, since she wasn't in any real pain. Luckily she found an emergency dentist who could help her out. Dr. John Murphy was able to rescue Anna's teeth by picking and pulling the fake ones out of her mouth.

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