I talked with Adam Roethler (pronounced "rattler" inexplicably) from American Family Insurance.  Or as I call him..."The Insurance King".

Adam had a pretty busy morning with the hail storm that rolled through the QCA last night.  I'm glad he took the time to chat with me about the new world we live in.

He made it clear that the doors at his agency in Davenport are locked and claims are being taken through Skype, Zoom or the old trusty telephone.  We talked about "old school vs new school" and how these times of new technology doesn't replace the classic human to human contact.  Adam is a people person and loves making connections to all walks of life.

He also has a great sense of humor...as you can see with the picture on this article.  He doesn't drink coffee and enjoys starting his day with Cross-fit.  Despite those two disparities, I think he & I could get along quite well.

Here's an insurance hack from Adam.  "Know more about what you're buying."  Understanding what you're buying and what it covers is super important.

American Family Insurance - Adam Roethler Agency
705 E 36th St in Davenport IA 52807.
Multi Line Insurance Agency - Auto Home Commercial Life Brokerage.
Office - (563) 386-6295

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