A study claims that they may have figured out what Bigfoot really is.

What Is Bigfoot?

If you believe in bigfoot this might ruin your mood. For the rest of the world, this seems like the most obvious and reasonable answer for all the Bigfoot sightings.

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The Data Analyst

A data analyst, Floe Foxon, took a list of all the reported Bigfoot sightings in the U.S. and compared it to different animal populations.  And it turns out the spots with the most sightings also tend to have the most bears. Specifically, black bears.

Sasquatch sightings were statistically significantly associated with bear populations such that, on the average, one ‘sighting’ is expected for every 900 bears. Based on statistical considerations, it is likely that many supposed Sasquatch are really misidentified known forms.

-Data analyst Floe Foxon

Have you ever seen a bear walk on its back legs? It oddly enough looks like a big harry human

Here is a video of bears walking like humans.

Flaw In The Formula

Even though Floe Foxton's study made sense in most areas, the formula did not work in the states of Florida and Texas. 

Those two states don't have many bears but still have Bigfoot sightings. It's not clear what Texas people are seeing, but Florida has always been on crack so they are probably just hallucinating.

The Loch Ness Monster

Floe Foxton's also tried to use the formula to figure out what the LOCH NESS MONSTER is, but hasn't been able to yet.

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Thoughts on the subject are that it could be a giant eel, but the odds of an eel that big hanging out in Loch Ness are basically zero. 

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