Fans of metal music no doubt remember 97X's Metal Meltdown with Z-Man and Heavy Metl Mark Detl.

As we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of 97X, Mark was kind enough to dig up an old cassette tape of a show aired on 09/12/98.  It, of course, was great to hear Detl back on the mic announcing Cannibal Corpse coming to The Pig Pen.  But the highlight was hearing Z-man's voice again.

Z was my favorite DJ before I came to work here.  He was the only one I was actually a little nervous to talk to.  But he quickly put me at ease and probably offered me some Wiseguy's Pizza.  I'll always picture him up on stage at the Pig Pen, but when I hear him...he's be saying "Nyah" and coming out of a Motorhead tune.

Long Live Z-Man.

Jeff "Z-Man" Zigler
12/24/50 - 10/4/08

Z-Man on 97X