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Paul McCartney Looks Back on Negative 'Sgt. Pepper's' Reviews


It’s considered a classic album today, but how did Sgt Peppers fair against critics when it was released?  Paul McCartney sat down to review the reviews of the 50 year old album, one of which called the album “busy, hip & cluttered” and compared the album to a spoiled child, saying it was over attended to.


Roger Waters Unveils Track Listing for New Album, 'Is This the Life We Really Want?'

Roger Waters’ first album in 25 years will be released in June.  “Is This The Life We Really Want” features “an unflinching commentary on the modern world and uncertain times”.  The new album will be coincide with a tour, hitting Chicago, St Louis & Milwaukee
Ted Nugent Visits Donald Trump in the White House

Uncle Ted…Ted Nugent had dinner with the president last night.  He posted a picture of he & Donald Trump in the oval office and talked about being unarmed around the secret service.