The Rock River Trail is a 320 mile route that starts in Horicon Marsh Wisconsin.  Which is about 65 miles north east of Madison.  It ends right here in the Quad Cities.  By car, that is roughly a four hour drive.  Which is of course the way most of us would go.  But for 87 year old Lyle Lidholm, that is a walk in the park.

Lidholm set out on his journey along the trail on Sept 1 and expects to arrive in the Quad Cities in November.  According to, this isn't Lidholm's longest hike.  He's gone 800 and 1,200 miles before when he was in his 70's.  So 320 miles should be a breeze.    Why take up the "small" hike.

Lidholm told, “When I read about this several years ago, I thought, ‘Wow, a trail, all the way to my hometown, Moline,’” Lidholm said. “I’m not getting any younger so I figured September and October would be nice. I’m kind of calling it my going-home hike.”

So at 87, Lyle Lidholm is coming home.  Not in a car or on a train.   But a quick 2 month, 320 mile hike.  Next time you have to walk to the store.  Don't complain.

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