A $517,000 debt from three games of Rock, Paper, Scissors has been ruled to be invalid by the Quebec Court of Appeal.

Edmund Mark Hooper lost the bet with Michel Primeau, and had to take out a mortgage on his house to pay off the debt. A court invalidated the mortgage back in 2017, when the decision came down that the amount of money was "excessive".

Quebec law states that a wagering contract is only valid when related to "Activities requiring only skill or bodily exertion on the part of the parties," not chance.

The invalidity ruling was appealed by Priimeau, but the court upheld their decision.

While there is a 'certain amount of skill' the court ruled “it seems evident… that the game also involves a large part of chance, so that it does not take ‘only skill or bodily exertion on the part of the parties.’ ”

Read more at New York Post

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