A 50-year-old lawyer in Minnesota posted a list of advice she wishes someone her age gave her when she was 20. Here are her top pieces of advice:

  1. Be kind, or at least courteous to other people. It doesn't really require much effort, and it makes you happier in the end. Compliment people whenever you can, and try to be as understanding and patient as possible.
  2. Don't try to fit in too much or dwell on other people's opinions. Just think of them as suggestions, and stay true to yourself. Also, never make a major life decision just to please someone else, like your parents.
  3. Never stay in a bad relationship. Even if it's hard to leave, it's worth it in the end.
  4. Don't focus too much on money. Remember that all your stuff is replaceable. In the end, it's not as important as the people in your life, or the relationships you have.
  5. Don't make snap judgements about people. You never know the true context of what's going on in their life. Try to give people a break now and then.
  6. Don't beat yourself up too much. Do what you can to fix your mistakes, then move on. Holding onto guilt for too long is toxic to your own happiness.
  7. Don't worry about getting older. Life can be better at 50 than it is at 20.

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