Think back to the last house party you went to. Now imagine that party being packed with 400 teenagers. A party of that size quickly spun out of control in Plymouth Township, Michigan.


A 16-year-old girl was left home alone while her family was in California and she decided to throw a party. As Police Chief Tom Tiderington says, A party can start out with five, 10, 20 people, but once it gets on Twitter or wherever, the house fills up quickly. Next thing you know, she can't do anything."

The teen lost control of the party and police arrived around 12:30 AM, causing party-goers to scatter in all directions. One female was found unconscious and was transported to a nearby hospital.

Officers discovered dozens of empty liquor bottles and beer cans inside the residence. Reportedly the smell of weed was so strong that the had to take breaks multiple times to get some fresh air and possibly munchies.

The house was left destroyed and a family friend was called to take charge until the family returned.

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