Everything about the process of getting your car into the Dwyer & Michaels Classic Car Calendar from The Camera Corner has changed for 2018! From the definition of what "Classic" is for car owners to how the online vote will play out has been changed in an effort to make 2018 the coolest calendar yet!

We are encouraging car owners, photographers and models to work together for the best chance of appearing in next year's pages. The official link to the submission form is below, and here's a quick rundown of the process. It's different than in years past, so buckle up!

Car Owners:
For 2018, we are requesting that the photos submitted for consideration are already what we call in the business "Camera Ready." That means you've already taken a picture of it that's good enough to be in the Classic Car Calendar. In years past, many deserving cars were eliminated before they even had a chance to compete due to a low quality entry photo. Now, with digital photography quality being what it is, we are encouraging your submission to be already 8.5x14" and 300 DPI, which is pretty much any current digital camera or phone in some cases. Does your car need a model to pose with it? That's up to you. As long as it's cool! If you aren't a pro, you can probably find one in your circle of car show acquaintances to take a photo of it for you. Need a model? Our previous models have come from the modeling community, and also the family of the car owners themselves!

There are so many great photographers that have contributed to our calendar over the years, and so many more out there, that it just seemed like we are limiting ourselves artistically. So for the first time ever, photographers are encouraged to spread your wings and photograph your perfect concept and submit. Again, we are looking for "camera ready" submissions, complete with car, model and the concept of your choosing. Wow us, and help update the look of the 2018 Dwyer and Michaels Classic Car Calendar!

What can we say? For years we have somehow enticed the most beautiful and exotic models to dress up the content of our pages. Last year we had over 100 models ask to be part of the Calendar! We don't want to miss a thing for 2018--so put yourself out there, together with a car and photographer who can help your vision come alive!

The contest is open to anyone over the age of 18, as long as your entry has the required releases and permissions (see below.) We hope that in addition to bringing new and different looks to the calendar in 2018, the mere idea of be included in the process will bring classic car owner, models and photographers together this summer in numbers unprecedented!

We will be accepting entries for consideration from now until August 5th. Based on the number of qualified entries, the top 50 will again be placed online for voting. The top 12 voted entries make the calendar pages, while the top 50 all appear in the calendar!

See the submission form below for complete details, and feel free to send any questions to the same email address. Good Luck!

Calendar Submission 2017

First, make sure to download these three (3) release forms and have the Photographer, Model, and Car Owner sign one each:

All three forms must be signed and submitted for consideration into the calendar.

Second, fill out the submission form for the Dwyer & Micheals Classic Car Calendar. This form includes contact information for the Photographer, Model, and Car Owner. Make sure to upload each of the three release forms.

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