This isn't the ideal situation for learning how to drive, which is why it's impressive.

A bus driver in La Grange, Texas had some sort of medical emergency last Thursday, and started drifting off the side of the road. Luckily, 13-year-old Karson Vega realized something was up.

He was able to grab the wheel at the last second and prevent a crash. The driver was pretty out of it and wouldn't take his foot off the gas. So Karson jumped on his lap and drove the bus another two miles until he was able to reach the brake pedal and pull over. Then he even put the bus's hazard lights on.

Another kid named Kyler Buzek kept the other kids calm while he called 911. No one was hurt, and the bus driver is already back home recovering.

It turns out this wasn't actually Karson's first time behind the wheel, which explains why it came so easy to him. His mom has let him drive on back roads a few times. And he got to drive his uncle's 18-wheeler once. So he says a bus wasn't that intimidating.

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