ZZ Top shared some exciting news for fans of the band and fans of whisky this morning.

A Texas Whisky calld 'Tres Hombres' after the band's hit album is going to be made by the Waco, Texas based distillery Balcones Distillery.

The bottle will have a 50% ABV, more than that of brands like Jameson (40% ABV), or Maker's Mark (45% ABV).

"We’ve been coordinating tasting and blending sessions virtually over Zoom with Balcones over the past year or so. Together, we set out to create a whisky with the foundational grains of Balcones - Roasted Blue Corn, Malted Barley, and Rye," the band wrote on Facebook. "Three distinct whiskies, and three distinct band members - married together to create a one-of-a-kind spirit with Texas-sized flavor. The sum of its parts tells a compelling story, just like the iconic tunes of the little ol’ band from Texas…"

The whisky is described as "evaporative and spritely with aromas of honeycrisp apples & buttered pastry; with a hint of suede & whiteflower honey."

With a taste that's "sweet & coating with good acidity, brown sugar & red grapes. The finish is effervescent with a bit of fresh ginger & sage," the group wrote on their page.

Balcones Distillery's new Tres Hombres whisky is available nationwide for pre-order, with a full rollout across Texas slated for mid-November.

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