Saa Fomba told his fans his goal was to chase his dreams and "leave a mark," which he now probably feels like was a poor choice of words.

He climbed the Pennybacker Bridge, which sits high above the Colorado River. In the video, you see him on top of the bridge. He throws his fists up in the air while waiting for a boat with rescuers to show up before he jumped off, into the water.

When he hits the water, you realize he really did "leave a mark." EMT's were called and Fomba was taken to the hospital with a cracked skull.

The video's caption explains how Fomba feels about the stunt.

"You might see it as jumping for views, but I see more. I wasn't built for just normal, I’m a dream chaser, I don’t settle for less, I will leave my mark on this planet we call earth our home. chase yours and leave your mark."

He starts climbing the bridge, and jumps at 6 mins and 30 seconds. Your body will probably hurt when you hear how hard he hit the water.

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