All the time you spend at work is annoying. But how much time do you waste just getting ready to go to work? A new poll found the average person will spend three months of their life getting ready for work each day. (Seems low.)

The survey also looked at how much time we spend in our bathroom in general, and the answer to that one is over a year of your life.

Men spend 23 minutes a day in the bathroom, or 373 days of their life. Women spend about 29 minutes a day in there, or 456 days of their life. Here are four more bathroom stats from the survey:

1. 7 in 10 people said sharing a bathroom with someone else is frustrating. And husbands and boyfriends were rated as the most-annoying people to share with.

2. The time when the bathroom is in highest demand is around 8:00 AM each day.

3. The most annoying bathroom habit is not replacing the toilet paper when it runs out.

4. 17% of us have hid in the bathroom before, just to get away.

5. And our fondest bathroom memories are baby's first bath, potty training your kid, and teaching them to shave.

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