The TBK Bank Sports Complex is quickly coming together. As it's finishing up, it will open in stages, the first being the baseball fields which will open this week starting with a home run derby.

We'll be out for the opening Thursday from 5:30-7:30 pm and someone is going to walk away with a handful of cash thanks to Governor's Pub & Grill. Whoever hits the ball the farthest (measured in feet) will win that amount in cash. Everyone that shows up to compete will also win a free game of bowling at High5 Lanes & Games which is set to open on May 29th.

BettPlex Event

We sent Klinger and Mack out for a tour of the facilities ahead of Thursday's home run derby. Here are some of the highlights from the 77-acre facility.

  • 10 Baseball Fields
  • 8 Soccer Fields
  • 1 Olympic Size Indoor Soccer Field
  • 48 Basketball Hoops
  • 8 Full Sized Basketball Courts
  • Indoor and Outdoor Beach Volleyball
  • 3 Bars (One Tiki)
  • Restaurants
  • 2 Bowling Alleys
  • 2 Escape Rooms
  • An Arcade
  • A Fitness Center

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