Shelby Gash of Lenexa, Kansas is on her neighborhood's naughty list after she put up her Christmas lights this year.

A local Fox affiliate went to the home to find out what had neighbors so stiff about the display, and arrived on scene to what appeared to be a, well-

Some neighbors didn't get the picture, and thought it might be a guitar, or a light up sleigh. Surely the 60 feet of lights couldn't be a rooftop monster dong.

When asking 24 year old Shelby, who put up the lights, what the display is supposed to be, she bluntly responded "A giant glowing dick."

Neighbors pushed for Shelby to take down the lights to save the eyes of the young children in the neighborhood.

Shelby was upset because she was trying to just get a laugh out of the people in her uptight neighborhood, saying there were cars stopping all night long to appreciate and take pictures of the massive display.

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