24-year-old Caelie Wilkes from California posted on Facebook to tell everyone about her "perfect plant" she'd had for two years.

The succulent she bought had stayed healthy the whole time she had it. Caelie had created a watering plan for the plant, cleaned its leaves like it needs, and it sat in her kitchen window for two years.

When she was out shopping, she decided it was time for a better and more appealing vase for it, but when she went to transplant, she found out the plant was made out of plastic.

The plastic plant was stuck into some Styrofoam, and had sand glued on top of the foam to look more realistic.

An easy mix-up, because real succulents feel like they're fake.

Caelie said it feels like the last two years feel like a lie, probably because they were.

Read more at the NY Post.

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