If you let your husband sleep all day and have McDonald's waiting for him when he gets up, 99% of guys would agree you're the best wife ever. This guy is the other 1%.

(Des Moines Police Department)

On Tuesday, Elle Hill, a pregnant woman in Des Moines, Iowa woke her 21-year-old husband Marvin up around 1:00 P.M. so he could take her to an ultrasound appointment. She knew he'd be hungry, so she got him a McChicken sandwich.

We don't know if Marvin was napping or sleeping in. But we do know that he doesn't like McChicken sandwiches. Because he threw it at her, told her he doesn't like them, and then mashed the bun in her face.

We're not sure if Elle was planning to call the cops or not, but she didn't get a chance to because Marvin did, so he could try to convince them that she attacked him. When police got there, Elle still had mayonnaise all over her face and shirt. So Marvin is now facing domestic assault charges.