This is about as 2016 as a brawl gets. Mela and Anais of Chicago have been insulting each other on and off on Twitter since 2013 even though they've never met in person.

It finally escalated big time on Sunday, when Mela tweeted that Anais is fat. And Anais tweeted that Mela had a fake boyfriend. That was enough to push Mela over the edge. So she got an Uber, took it over to Anais's place, and they started brawling in the street.

They both went on Twitter afterwards to agree that Mela lost the fight. She blamed it on Anais's weight advantage. "Them punches she got made her feel like 5-foot-5, 200 pounds when I'm 5-foot-1, 145."

After Mela lost the fight, she got another Uber and went home. But they both vowed to keep insulting each other on Twitter.

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