Where's the best place to hide a $100,000 watch you stole? That's right. Inside your hoo-ha.

This woman is accused of stealing a Las Vegas hotel guest’s watch and concealing it inside her genitals, not once, BUT TWICE!

Police say that Sarah Richards, 33, faces charges of grand larceny and administering a drug to aid in the commission of a felony.

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How It All Started

On Sunday morning, a man staying in the Aria hotel called 911 to report a woman who had taken valuable items from his room, including his $12,000 watch.

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The man told police he invited Sarah Richards up to his hotel room. The two began to cuddle when Richards asked him to take off his watch so that it "wouldn't cut her." The victim took off his watch and placed it under his pillow.

Richards was constantly urging the victim to drink more and more wine.

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Later the man noticed his watch was missing and Richards left the room. He followed her down to the lobby where he alerted security that she had stolen his belongings.

She was searched in the lobby but security did not find the watch on her... Little did they know the watch was not ON her, it was IN her.

Locating The Watch

Police initially could not find the watch on Richards, but later located it in her genitals, officers said.

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“She stated that we were going to find it anyways at the jail and she did not want to go through the hassle,” officers wrote in the arrest report.

Police also said they also found an opened purple pill capsule that “had very little white substances inside of it.”

The Previous Watch Theft

Initially, Richards was in Vegas appearing for a court date as she stole another man's watch back in June. That victim told police that he believed Richard drugged him on June 4 at a Las Vegas strip club hotel and stole his Patek Philippe wristwatch, valued at around $100,000.

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The Charges

Richards is looking at charges for grand larceny, administering a drug to aid in the commission of a felony, prostitution, theft, and residential burglary.

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