If you see a van a-rockin' . . . and decide to go a-knockin' . . . you pretty much know what to expect.  Or do you?

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Suspicious Rocking Car

On a Sunday morning, a cop in Baxter County Arkansas came across a parked car outside a commercial storage facility that has been targeted by burglars 52 times since 2022. The cop deemed the vehicle to be suspicious.

A sheriff’s deputy noted that the vehicle in question was seen “rocking” around 12:45 AM.

What Did Police Find In The Car?

Upon inspecting the automobile, the officer caught sight of Theodore Morgavan, a man of 55 years, having sex with a plush toy. Morgavan, a divorced father of three, lives about a mile away from the storage facility in Midway.

Baxter County Sheriffs Office
Baxter County Sheriff's Office

Due to Morgavan's probation, law enforcement was granted the authority to search both him and his vehicle without a warrant. After a thorough search, officers discovered methamphetamine, a syringe, and two pipes used for smoking marijuana.

The man sleeping near the toy
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Facing Charges


As per the probable cause affidavit, Morgavan is now facing two felony drug charges and misdemeanors for possession of drug paraphernalia and engaging in public sexual indecency.

Morgavan, who is currently out on a $5000 bond, pleaded not guilty during his arraignment today. His next court appearance is scheduled for October 30.

Previously this year, Morgavan had been found guilty of narcotics and theft charges. He was put on probation for two years and ordered to pay a $1690 fine.

There is no additional information available about the stuffed animal, as it was not mentioned in court documents.

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