James Rix Jr., a man wearing an interestingly worded t-shirt, has found himself in a heap of trouble with the law.

Marion County
Marion County

Marion County, Florida

On August 16th, while speeding almost three times over the legal limit, he was caught on dashcam by a Marion County Sheriff's Office deputy conducting radar enforcement in the area of Marion Oaks Boulevard and Marion Oaks Manor.

The officer then attempted to pull Rix over, but he had other ideas, fleeing and turning off the lights on his truck in an effort to evade the officer. Despite his best efforts, the deputy caught up to him.

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Camera Footage

Body camera footage shows Rix being stopped and subsequently arrested for driving under the influence. The deputy reported that he could smell alcohol on Rix's breath, and he was unsteady on his feet during the sobriety test.

Rix's t-shirt only added insult to injury, reading "I'm the Reason the Beer's Always Gone." He failed the Field Sobriety Exercises, leading to his arrest and transport to Marion County Jail.

CBS 12 News
CBS 12 News

However, things only got worse from there. Rix, initially cooperative and jovial, became verbally aggressive with officers once arrested. At the jail, Rix's breath samples clocked in at .204 and .200, far exceeding the legal limit.

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Along with the charge of driving under the influence, he received charges for fleeing to elude law enforcement, unlawful speed, and possession of an open container in a vehicle. Rix has learned a valuable lesson- never wear incriminating shirts while committing crimes.

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