In an odd incident, a 35-year-old Florida woman created havoc at a convenience store last night by wielding a sharp-edged vegetable peeler while in the nude.

What's Happening In Florida?

Identified as Celia Barrett, she is alleged to have caused a drunken disturbance at a RaceTrac store in St. Petersburg, Florida. Not only did she threaten store employees with her improvised weapon, but she also damaged a display of Red Bull energy drinks and tore open a carton of cigarettes, according to court records.

35-year-old Celia Barrett
35-year-old Celia Barrett (PINELLAS COUNTY FLORIDA)


Starting A Comotion

Reports reveal that Barrett arrived at the store unclothed and began screaming about being trespassed from the establishment the previous day. Law enforcement officers had warned her on Saturday that she would be arrested if she returned to the store.

Court documents elaborate on the bizarre event. Barrett is said to have shown up at the store around 6:40 pm, brandishing the vegetable peeler and issuing threats to two store employees. One worker informed the police that Barrett had threatened to kill him.

black plastic vegetable peeler isolated on white
Potato Peeler. Getty Images/iStockphoto

When local deputies arrived on the scene, they found Barrett still inside the store, undressed. The officers reported that prior to her arrest, she began masturbating in their presence. Barrett later confessed to being intoxicated, admitting to consuming approximately six shots of liquor.

Facing Charges

She now faces a host of charges including aggravated assault, disorderly intoxication, trespass, criminal mischief, and exposure of sexual organs. Currently in county jail, Barrett is no stranger to law enforcement. Her criminal history boasts an extensive list of convictions that includes battery, prostitution, criminal mischief, and narcotics possession.

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