A Walgreens store in Clearwater, Florida, witnessed a disturbing incident on Easter Sunday as a customer allegedly assaulted the manager with a Bible. The altercation reportedly began over a pair of headphones, leading to a confrontation between the customer and an employee.

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How The Fight Happened

Peter Owens, 35, got into a disagreement with the store employee over headphones, according to police reports. When store manager Nicole Merck, 36, intervened and asked Owens to leave, he allegedly struck her in the face with a Bible before leaving the premises.

Law enforcement quickly located Owens and took him into custody. During questioning, Owens admitted to hitting Merck with his Bible, claiming she was rude to him. However, he stated he didn't intend to harm her.

Peter Owens, 35.
Peter Owens, 35.

Owens Is Facing Charges

Owens faces a felony battery charge due to a prior conviction for assault and battery in 2020. He was released from county jail after posting a $5000 bond but has been ordered by the judge to have no contact with Merck and to stay away from the Walgreens store.

Owens, originally from Grosse Pointe, Michigan, works as a golf instructor and is a graduate of Wayne State University. He currently resides in Ellenton, near Sarasota, according to his Facebook page.

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