A leaked Pentagon paper has unveiled a nightmare scenario of a nuclear first-strike attack, with North Carolina listed as one of the primary targets. Dubbed "Bolt Out of the Blue," the newly declassified document shows a hypothetical situation where the United States could face devastation before even mounting a response.

Leaked Pentagon Paper Reveals Terrifying Nuclear First-Strike Scenario, North Carolina Among Primary Targets

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(Image: CBS News)
(Image: CBS News)

What Exactly Does It Mean?

The document, initially disclosed by The Daily Mail and other sources, outlines a scenario deemed by military analysts as one of the gravest threats imaginable. It describes how the U.S. military could be decimated by an enemy's surprise nuclear assault, leaving the nation defenseless.

According to reports from National Interest, the "Bolt Out of the Blue" concept has long haunted American military planners, who have feared such an attack for decades. Unlike conventional strategies targeting major cities, this scenario aims to dismantle U.S. military infrastructures and nuclear plants.

Nuclear bomb or asteroid impact creates a nuke mushroom
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The United States Map

The map illustrates the regions at greatest risk of being targeted in the event of a nuclear assault. It highlights potential strike zones across all states in the U.S., primarily concentrated in the Eastern regions, with additional areas along the California coastline. Moreover, the map indicates the significance of states like North and South Carolina, potentially targeted due to the presence of numerous nuclear weapons and launch facilities within their borders.

(Image: CBS News)
(Image: CBS News)

Getting Struck In North Carolina

The Pentagon paper grimly suggests that those struck in North Carolina's initial nuclear blast may be considered fortunate compared to the agonizing fate awaiting survivors in the aftermath. With the state positioned on the frontlines of a potential nuclear exchange, the prospect of widespread destruction looms ominously.

The timing of the document's declassification raises eyebrows, particularly amidst global tensions and simmering conflicts. Questions linger about the motives behind its sudden disclosure, stirring suspicions about hidden agendas.

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