A search warrant has revealed that a former Selma Middle School resource officer, Dannya "Jersey" Tavarez, is under investigation for allegedly giving a middle school teacher an unexpected jolt—literally.

Former Selma police officer Dannya Tavarez, Johnston County NC.
Former Selma police officer Dannya Tavarez, Johnston County NC.

Former School Resource Officer's Shocking Lesson Plan: Taser Training 101

The 26-year-old Tavarez, who resigned from her post in April, is not currently facing charges but is being scrutinized by the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI). The shocking incident, as detailed in the warrant, took place between October and November 2023. However, it was not reported until June 6.

The warrant states that a teacher asked Tavarez about her Taser. Tavarez, perhaps channeling her inner stand-up comedian, quipped, “I am going to Tase you with it.” The teacher, clearly not buying into this new form of school discipline, retorted, “No, you’re not.” But Tavarez repeated her intention before proceeding to demonstrate the Taser’s functionality on the teacher's left hip.

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The teacher screamed and claimed she was in pain, which prompted Tavarez to reassure her that it was not done "full force." Tavarez then offered a peculiar justification, noting, "I’ve Tased kids around here and they don't act like that.” One can only imagine the teacher’s reaction as she inquired if Tavarez had really Tased middle school students, to which Tavarez allegedly replied, "the ones that know their parents."

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Reporting The Incident 

Following this revelation, the teacher reported the incident to the principal, leading to an investigation by the Johnston County District Attorney Susan Doyle, who requested the SBI to step in on June 10.

Selma Police Department, in an attempt to navigate the situation, referred the case to the SBI and acknowledged the search warrant. Meanwhile, efforts to reach Tavarez for a comment were met with radio silence.

In a statement, the school board responded to inquiries with, "After conferring with others and confirming facts, it has been determined that the board is unable to comment on confidential personnel matters and cooperates with law enforcement investigations to the extent permitted by law."

The Officer Is Not All Bad

Despite the seriousness of the investigation, a peek into Tavarez’s tenure at the school, via the Selma Police Department's Facebook page, paints a picture of a beloved figure known as "Jersey." Pictures show her receiving the Crystal Apple Award and reading to students, presumably without the aid of her Taser.

As the investigation unfolds, one thing is clear: Selma Middle School's curriculum on the appropriate use of Tasers is about to get a serious update.

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