Pensacola, Florida - A Walton County couple, Kira Enders and Dakota Jones, have found themselves in legal trouble after allegedly attempting to deceive lottery officials into believing they held a winning ticket worth $1 million. The incident, which unfolded on March 1 at a Florida Lottery office in Pensacola, has resulted in the duo facing felony charges.

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Florida Couple Arrested for Allegedly Attempting to Fraudulently Claim $1 Million Lottery Prize

Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons shed light on the case during an interview, revealing that the couple had tried to pass off an altered $50 ticket as a legitimate million-dollar winner. "They could crudely take two tickets and put them together and pretend as if they were a million-dollar winner," Sheriff Simmons explained.

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How Could They Tell It Was A Fake Ticket?

However, lottery officials quickly noticed discrepancies, including mismatched words on the back of the ticket and differing serial numbers, which raised immediate red flags.

Subsequent investigations revealed that neither of the original tickets held any winning prizes. Furthermore, the arrest report disclosed that Enders signed an affidavit affirming the ticket's authenticity, despite the potential penalties of perjury if caught lying.

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The Couple Was Caught Lying

The couple's inconsistent stories regarding how they obtained the ticket only heightened suspicions among law enforcement officers. "If you're gonna try to claim a million dollars, you've got to do a lot better than this. You know, again, you're not a lottery winner, you're a criminal," remarked Sheriff Simmons.

Their attempt to follow up on the prize a week later led investigators to engage with them in person, quickly unraveling their scheme.

Enders and Jones now face serious legal consequences as they navigate the aftermath of their ill-conceived plan to defraud the Florida Lottery.

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