An elderly woman says that a man has been using her to sexually pleasure himself for nearly three years.

Police in Kinston, North Carolina arrested 52-year-old Walter McCray for activity related to mechanophilia. Mechanophilia is the taboo sexual attraction to machines or vehicles.

The victim, an 82-year-old woman who lives on Adkin Street, told the local news station that she doesn't know McCray at all, and says her car had also been peed on.


“I thought something was happening from under the hood of my car because whenever he would come up here he would urinate all over the hood of the car and it would run all down and I thought it was something with the car, I took my car to the shop three times,” Carolyn Taylor told WITN.

Arrest warrants detail and accuse the 52-year-old man of climbing on top of the hood of the car and sexually gratifying himself on multiple occasions, the most recent case happening on Sunday.

The woman said she was able to put some cameras out to try and catch the disgusting acts the man was committing to her vehicle, but the man would move them before continuing on. She said Kinston police put their camera on and caught what was happening.

“They caught him on camera, they came Monday morning and took the films out and came back to the door and said we got him this time. We have good film, we have good pictures, but it was more than we really wanted to see,” Taylor said.

McCray has been charged with felony stalking, five counts of damage to property, and five counts of injury-tamper with a vehicle.

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