A truck carrying cans of nacho cheese sauce suffered an accident on I-30 West near Prescott, resulting in a saucy spill that caused traffic to back up.

"Taco Tuesday Anyone?"


Punny Comments

While officials cleared up the mess, Facebook users couldn't resist making cheesy puns about the accident.

  • “I wonder how many people told him “it’s not-cho day buddy!” one user wrote in the comments section, referring to the truck driver carrying the cheese containers.
  • Another user chimed in, writing, “I’m thinking about the smell in this heat!”
  • “Nacho ordinary highway spill. Certainly not the best queso scenario,” another commented. “Thankfully, it’s all clear and it’s nacho problem anymore. (I’ll see myself out).”
  • “It aint easy being cheesy,” one more commented.
Arkansas Department of Transportation
Arkansas Department of Transportation

Not The First Highway Spill

In Florida last September, a chaotic pileup of vehicles occurred on the interstate. One of the semi-trucks that was part of the collision happened to be carrying a load of Coors Light, and as a result of the crash, waves of the frothy brew spilled out and covered the roadway.

Earlier in the month of August, there were two unfortunate events where trucks lost control and spilled their contents on different highways. The first incident involved a tomato-laden truck in California while the second incident occurred in Memphis, Tennessee, when an 18-wheeler carrying Bertolli Alfredo Sauce met with an accident and the sauce ended up being scattered all over the road.

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