Sometimes if you know something that gets your nerves on edge coming up, you'll take a little liquid courage just to calm them down. There are times this is acceptable - talking to a woman at the bar, before doing some karaoke, or when you're doing some sort of crowd address at an event. There are also times this is unacceptable - like before you go in to do an interview with your local sheriff's department.

According to the Marshall County Sheriff's Department, 39-year-old Nicole Sniadecki of Plymouth, Indiana, checked in just before 9am for her scheduled meeting about a job within the department.

While speaking with Sniadecki in their meeting, Captain Jeff Snyder observed slurred speech along with an alcohol smell on their breath.

After some questioning, she admitted to driving to the Sheriff's Department that morning and confessed to consuming alcohol that morning.

Detective Lieutenant Les McFarland obtained a certified breath test, which showed a result of .158 - twice the legal limit.

Marshall County Sheriff
Marshall County Sheriff

Nicole was taken to the Marshall County Jail for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and given a cash bond of $1500.

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