Slingshot Ride videos are as classic as blue jeans. The ride releases, throwing the pod into the air at speeds up to 100mph. In the videos that make it to the internet, people either freak out, pass out, or have something fly out of their pocket, like a phone.

This woman, named Michaela according to the video, hops on one of the SlingShot rides with her friend. You can tell she's nervous, but when the ride releases the pod and shooting it in the air. She screams on the way up, but as the pod makes its first flip, she blacks out with her arms flapping in the breeze. Her friend giggles through the whole thing. Check it out:

She wakes up, eyes wide as could be, and says "I just woke up I think I passed out!" Which only makes her friend laugh harder. When the ride returns to the launch pad, she is confused about why it's over already.

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