We've got a story here about a woman who got WAY too angry about her roommate eating her avocado because, as you'll see, she had plenty of avocado to go around.

A 56-year-old woman in Port St. Lucie, Florida confronted her 72-year-old roommate earlier this month, after the 72-year-old apparently ate a bunch of avocado the 56-year-old had sliced and left in the fridge.

The 72-year-old responded by sticking up her middle finger. So the 56-year-old woman grabbed more avocado, and THREW it at her. Some of it hit the 72-year-old in the face, and some of it hit the wall.

The cops came, and they found the 56-year-old woman eating burger meat and, yes, even more avocado.

She was arrested for battery on a person 65 or older.

Read more at Treasure Coast Palm.

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