You always hear about people who win the lottery and then stay at their jobs so they can keep on being nice, normal people who don't rock the boat. So this is kind of refreshing.

Julie Leach, a 50-year-old woman in southwest Michigan, came forward yesterday after hitting the Powerball lottery for over $310 million.

She's worked at a fiberglass factory for almost 23 years, and says she was having a worse day than usual last week. She was on her lunch break when she checked the lottery numbers. After she had her co-workers double check them, she walked up to her boss, told him she didn't need a raise anymore, and quit immediately. Right there on the spot. Which is what everyone always dreams of doing, but never does.

At her press conference, she called it a "nasty, dirty job", and said she never even considered keeping it. She's taking the lump sum, so after taxes she'll get about 140 million bucks.

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