A 19-year-old in Southern California's quick thinking is the reason she is still alive after a run-in with a bear.

The woman, in Sierra Madre fell asleep in a backyard chair Monday evening.

The Fish and Wildlife Captain, Patrick Foy told CNN "She awoke to the sound of a bear approaching her. It immediately attacked."

Her arms and legs were scratched before it began biting her leg.

"The only weapon she had was her laptop. She hit the bear with it and stunned it long enough to escape inside the house," Foy said. ""She fought back vigorously, which is what you should do with any wildlife in California."

Local police responded to the incident with wildlife officers in tow. Officers found footprints nearby and there was a reported sighting around midnight.

"This was an unprovoked, aggressive attack," Foy told CNN, "The woman did not have any food, and did not get between a bear and her cubs. It's likely she was looked at as prey."
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