A woman was dragged off of a Southwest plane Tuesday night after claiming to be deathly allergic to two dogs on board. Video shows police officers forcibly removing her from the flight.

Prior to law enforcement being brought on board, the woman told the flight crew that she had a life-threatening allergy to a couple of dogs that were on the flight. One of them was a service animal and the woman was demanding that they be removed.

The crew asked her to produce a medical certificate that stated she could travel safely. When she could not provide one, she was asked to leave.

Bill Dumas caught part of the scuffle on video, he says, "They spent a long time talking to the woman, explaining to her what the situation was, trying to work with her. The pilot said they wouldn’t leave until it got resolved."

“If you look at the police, they were being overly aggressive. Really, she wasn’t giving them much of a choice, and the people on the plane were saying, ‘just get off the plane,'” Dumas said.

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