If you've been following the U.S. Open like I have, you probably saw something weird pop up on ESPN's coverage. A young woman was caught dipping her chicken strip into a cup of soda.

The tennis fan was basically using her pop as a dipping sauce for the fried chicken.

Her name is Alexa Greenfield and she was attending the U.S. Open with her nephews. She told the New York Post: "I started off by sitting with them and was like, 'Listen guys, I’m about to do something really weird, it’s a really big secret, you can’t tell anyone. I’m a little embarrassed about it. Keep it on the down-low. It’s a secret.'"

Apparently she's been dipping chicken in soda her whole life, but did it on Monday because she was hungover. She doesn't drink the soda either, it's strictly for dipping.

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